Almost Dying Can Be a Gift

Almost Dying Can Be a Gift

On CNN today was an article about the passengers on the Northwest Flight 253 with the Christmas Day Bomber. While many of them were angry about the incident, at the bomber, the airlines and the government, I was interested to hear that one passenger found a positive aspect to the experience. Roey Rosenblith, 27, who […]

Moving Things With the Mind – For Real

Fascinating story on today about a company called NeuroSky who claims to be the first company to allow people to control objects with their mind. I’ve listened to BrainWave music for years now, which is music that will change the waves of the brain to help you relax, sleep or concentrate. What is sad […]

I’m Still Here

I’m doing this post mostly to remind myself to do a real post when I can. I’ve got some things I need to finish up and then I can really put some attention into this site. If you’re reading here, thank you. I really appreciate it. It makes me feel good to know that maybe […]

Where the Hell Have I Been?

Whoever said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions is dead on. About a year ago, I said I was going to fix up this site, add a lot to it, bla bla bla. I had grandiose ideas of how this site would look and how it’d have a whole new look […]

6 Ways to Stop Stressing Over Money

An article from CNN and a study by the American Psychological Association states that women more often stress over money than men do often times because they are in charge of the family checkbook. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received is this: “Your sanity is like your money: both are finite. […]

5 Ways to Remove Plastic (BPA) From Your Life

The newest health concern is a study that bisphenol A– or BPA may lead to diabetes and heart disease. Past animal studies have suggested reproductive and hormone-related problems from BPA. The American Chemistry Council defends BPA saying that BPA is safe to continue using. Just wait until Oprah does a show on this. I find […]

Video on How To Perform a Self Breast Examination

Everyone needs to know how to perform a self breast examination. It’s something you need to do each month so you can monitor changes in your breasts. Sometimes, though, it helps to have a trusted friend or spouse help you with this as they can see changes you may not. The following video shows you […]

How Often Do You Clean Your Makeup Brushes and Replace Mascara?

Makeup is a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly mascara. Think of all the bacteria you have on your skin and then think how often you touch your brushes to your face. We wouldn’t go a week without washing our hands, why do we wait so long with our makeup brushes? I admit to being bad […]