Side Effects of Symbyax

OK, so far, I've not had too many side effects with this medication. The one I have had is overeating. I don't have a weight problem: usually I eat until I am full and then stop. Well, somehow that "full feeling" is delayed and I don't feel full until much later. And then I feel so full I am sick.

Also, my sleep schedule is disturbed. If I take Symbyax right before bed, I'll lie awake for hours before I'm able to fall asleep. This issue was easily resolved by taking my pill with supper each night.

The issue with the overeating, according to my doctor is from the Zyprexia part of the drug. She put me on the 3 mg Zyprexia instead of 6 mg and my overeating has stopped.

Has anyone else had any side effects with this drug?

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  1. Henry

    I first suffered from depression at 12 and was in psych hosp. for 7 mo. from 13 to 14 yr of age in 1960-61. I recovered my health by natural means through self study and much determination and several alternative methods. I will share my story and experience if anyone out there wishes to here it. I truely care about wise choices in all things in life. I have info and experience and have been to hell and back. Info includes my experiences with modern meds of that time, Herbs, Homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, New Age and Shamanic healers, Quantum-Touch hands on healing, EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique. Want more details let me know.


    janie Reply:

    very interested in your path to getting better— sounds like you have done a lot of extensive work on yourself- I am scared of returning to conventional meds and would like to get out of this black hole as best as I can/ the horrible thing about depression is finding a way to try something when you are barely able to be motivated to get dressed and face another day— I have been able to share this with others recently but I do feel like I should be able to suck it up and just move on —- I did inherit this trend and know what a hindrance this can be without treatment and personal acknowledgment– having seen family members so affected — I am seeking alternative treatments like massage, yoga, herbal etc and will continue but the ability to narrow my search down would be helpful— so grateful for whatever insights may be shared


  2. Jay

    I was on Wellbutrin for about 2 months. I didn’t sleep for 12 days. It’s like a hit of speed. Great. No appetitie. My old self again. Out of the blues, but then I fell asleep at work getting me into trouble. Wellbutrin was the reason for the 12 day no seep jouirnedy. am now taking Symbyrax. sleeping great but tired all day. No drive. No energy (except to eat?) I’ve got to get this whole thing ironed out.


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